The products of Babé Laboratories are indicated for the specific skin care of the face and body. The brands offers an array of capillary and solar products, as well as a range indicated for the hygiene and hydration of the youngest members of the family: Babé Pediatric.

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  1. - 21% BABÉ Body Anti-Stress Cream 200ml
    د.إ140.38 د.إ110.58
  2. - 10% BABÉ Pediatric Body Moisturizing Milk 500ml
    د.إ79.21 د.إ71.27
  3. - 20% BABY Body Atopic Skin Bath Oil 500ml
    د.إ96.09 د.إ76.86
  4. - 16% BABY Facial Regenerating Rosehip Oil 15ml
    د.إ134.25 د.إ112.11
  5. - 16% BABY Stop AKN Purifying Cleansing Gel 200ml
    د.إ60.50 د.إ50.76
  6. - 35% BABY Stop AKN Repair Moisturizing Cream 50ml
    د.إ132.45 د.إ86.10
  7. - 27% BABY Stop AKN Stick Anti-acne Drying Gel 8ml
    د.إ48.69 د.إ35.48
  8. - 20% BABY Urea 10% Repairing Body Lotion 500ml
    د.إ85.41 د.إ68.33
  9. - 17% Capillary BABY Extra Smooth Shampoo 250ml
    د.إ53.19 د.إ43.91
  10. - 19% Fall Hair Shampoo BABY 250ml
    د.إ81.10 د.إ65.64
  11. - 35% Pediatric BABY Extra Smooth Shampoo 200ml
    د.إ50.58 د.إ32.86
  12. - 25% Pediatric BABY Milky Crust Shampoo 200ml
    د.إ53.83 د.إ40.30
  13. - 10% Pediatric BABY Shower Gel 500ml
    د.إ53.24 د.إ47.92
Set Descending Direction