Barral is a Portuguese brand created in 1835 with a clear mission: to promote the health and well-being of the skin for the whole family. Barral products are intended for active people who like to take care of their bodies and who appreciate natural beauty.

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  1. - 25% Barral Babyprotect Cleaning Water 500ml
    د.إ85.84 د.إ64.40
  2. - 20% Barral Babyprotect Face Cream 40ml
    د.إ42.26 د.إ33.81
  3. - 10% Barral Babyprotect Shampoo 200ml
    د.إ45.38 د.إ40.84
  4. - 10% Barral Babyprotect Shower Cream 500ml
    د.إ101.00 د.إ90.92
  5. - 20% Barral Creme Gordo Original 100ml
    د.إ38.64 د.إ30.91
Set Descending Direction