Bath products of various textures - shower gel, cleansing cream and cleansing oil, for daily care and body hygiene. Find bath products from brands such as Uriage, Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Avène, Nuxe and many others.
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  1. - 40% A-Derma Exomega Control Soothing Bath 250ml
    د.إ85.48 د.إ51.27
  2. - 25% A-Derma Shower Gel Hydra-Protective 500ml
    د.إ73.33 د.إ54.98
  3. - 10% Akileine Sports Clean Shower Gel 150ml
    د.إ36.38 د.إ32.75
  4. - 10% American Crew Classic Body Wash 450ml
    د.إ44.89 د.إ40.40
  5. - 20% Apivita Kids Gel Cleansing Hair & Body 250ml
    د.إ43.66 د.إ34.92
  6. - 25% Apivita Kids Hair & Body Wash 500ml
    د.إ90.96 د.إ68.24
  7. - 25% Apivita Pure Jasmine Shower Gel 500ml
    د.إ80.75 د.إ60.55
  8. - 25% Apivita Tonic Mountain Tea Shower Gel 500ml
    د.إ80.75 د.إ60.55
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