Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease in which raised, red scaly spots appear on the skin (usually outside the elbows , knees or scalp ). Here you can find the best products to reduce itching and reduce scales and plaques . Check out our wide range of shampoos , creams , lotions and gels from brands like La Roche-Posay, Sesderma, Noreva and many others ...

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  1. - 25% Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 30% Urea Cream 75ml
    د.إ50.94 د.إ38.23
  2. - 20% Fisicalm S Gel 125g
    د.إ64.46 د.إ51.57
  3. - 25% Noreva Psoriane Cleansing Gel 500ml
    د.إ113.69 د.إ85.29
  4. - 25% Noreva Psoriane Daily Shampoo 125ml
    د.إ87.86 د.إ65.91
  5. - 29% Noreva Psoriane Intensive Shampoo 125ml
    د.إ119.87 د.إ84.80
  6. - 25% Noreva Psoriane Moisturizing Milk 400ml
    د.إ155.08 د.إ116.31
  7. - 25% Noreva Psoriane Soothing Lotion 200ml
    د.إ94.83 د.إ71.14
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