Juvena is a brand aimed at women concerned with preserving their youth and treating the signs of aging. Directly from Sweden and with a formula based on stem cells, the results are a fresh and renewed skin, whatever your age.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 10% Juvena Prevent & Optimize. Eye Cream 15ml
    د.إ156.51 د.إ140.87
  2. - 10% Juvena Rejuvenate & Correct. Creme de Dia 50ml
    د.إ190.90 د.إ171.81
  3. - 20% Juvena Skin Energy Moisture. Creme Rico 50ml
    د.إ157.33 د.إ125.87
  4. - 10% Juvena Skin Optimize. Day Cream 50ml
    د.إ188.91 د.إ170.04
  5. - 20% Juvena Skin Rejuvenate. Firming Day Cream 50ml
    د.إ335.57 د.إ266.88
  6. - 20% Juvena Skin Rejuvenate. Firming Eye Gel 15ml
    د.إ229.93 د.إ184.31
  7. - 20% Juvena Skin Rejuvenate. Firming Night Cream 50ml
    د.إ266.83 د.إ213.46
Set Descending Direction