Lactacyd is a Portuguese brand with products for women’s daily intimate hygiene. Lactacyd products help to prevent minor problems or irritations in the intimate area. To guarantee total adaptation to your specific needs, Lactacyd provides products for children, future moms, active women and women over 50+.

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  1. - 10% Lactacyd Derma Gentle Cleansing Gel 1000ml
    د.إ88.97 د.إ80.09
  2. - 10% Lactacyd Derma Soft Soap 100gr
    د.إ27.37 د.إ24.62
  3. - 20% Lactacyd Intimate Hygiene Gel 200ml
    د.إ36.21 د.إ28.95
  4. - 25% Lactacyd Intimate Hygiene Wipes 10units.
    د.إ28.55 د.إ21.44
  5. - 20% Lactacyd Intimate. Emulsion 400ml
    د.إ62.18 د.إ49.73
  6. - 10% Lactacyd Med Soap Replacement Emulsion 500ml
    د.إ75.63 د.إ68.07
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