Face powder is your best ally to keep your make-up in place! There is a powder suited for everyone, either you want a more mattifying look or a more shimmer one. You can opt for a loose powder if you want a more natural appearance, or a pressed one if you want more of a moisturizing effect. Check here the best face powders from brands such as Vichy, Avène, La Roche-Posay and many more.
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  1. - 25% Avène Couvrance Compact Oil Free Tan Tan 9.5gr
    د.إ102.85 د.إ77.13
  2. - 25% Avène Couvrance Mosaic Powder Lumino sity 9gr
    د.إ79.10 د.إ59.32
  3. - 30% Avène Couvrance Tan Cream Compact 9.5gr
    د.إ104.40 د.إ73.06
  4. - 30% Avène Couvrance Tan Mosaic Powder 9gr
    د.إ96.93 د.إ67.85
  5. - 30% Avène Couvrance Translucent Mosaic Powder 9gr
    د.إ100.38 د.إ70.28
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