Redken is a world famous brand of hair products launched by Paula Kent in 1960 as a response to the allergic reactions she had to the products that hairdressers used. Due to this, all of Redken’s products are formulated for delicate scalp without compromising high performance, leaving the hair beautiful and healthy.

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  1. - 20% L´Oréal Age Perfect Day Cream 50ml
    د.إ58.11 د.إ46.48
  2. - 20% Redken All Soft Softening Conditioner 1000ml
    د.إ255.06 د.إ204.03
  3. - 20% Redken All Soft Soothing Conditioner 250ml
    د.إ91.90 د.إ73.53
  4. - 20% Redken All Soft Soothing Shampoo 1000ml
    د.إ255.85 د.إ204.66
  5. - 20% Redken All Soft Soothing Shampoo 300ml
    د.إ84.62 د.إ67.70
  6. - 20% Redken All Soft. Soothing Argan Oil 90ml
    د.إ134.84 د.إ107.87
Set Descending Direction