Explore our vast range of electric and manual toothbrushes, for kids and adults. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors available, with extra-soft, soft, medium and hard bristles. Find here the most amazing toothbrushes from brands such as Oral-B, Foreo and Elgydium.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 5% Elgydium Baby Toothbrush
    AUD7.21 AUD6.84
  2. - 5% Elgydium X-Trem Medium Toothbrush
    AUD7.51 AUD7.13
  3. - 5% Elgydium Orthodontic Travel Kit
    AUD16.06 AUD15.26
  4. - 5% Elgydium Pocket Travel Toothbrush
    AUD7.90 AUD7.50
  5. - 5% Elgydium Inspiration Toothbrush
    AUD7.75 AUD7.37
Set Descending Direction

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