Shampoos and conditioners play an important role in cleansing the hair and scalp, eliminating all impurities that lead to hair loss and preparing the scalp for capillary treatments. The choice of shampoo according to the need and type of hair is a determinant action for the success of the hair treatment. From September 17 until October 31, 2018, enjoy an immediate 25% discount on selected anti-hair loss and fortifying products. 

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 22% Hexaphane Fortifying Shampoo 400ml
    AUD27.82 AUD21.83
  2. - 40% Hexaphane Fortifying Shampoo 250ml
    AUD20.18 AUD12.14
  3. - 5% Ecophane Ultra Soft Shampoo 500ml
    AUD26.81 AUD25.47
  4. - 5% Ecophane Ultra Soft Shampoo 200ml
    AUD16.43 AUD15.62
  5. - 5% Ecophane Fortifying Shampoo 200ml
    AUD20.40 AUD19.38
Set Descending Direction

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