Sexual Wellness

Healthy sex is essential in the life of an adult. Here you can find are all kinds of products to have a fun sex life, without compromising safety. Search here the perfect way to spice up your relation, with the best products from brands such as Durex and Control. 

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  1. - 5% Ginix Fluid Lubricating Gel 60ml
    CAD28.63 CAD27.20
  2. - 5% Durex Perfect Connection Condoms x10
    CAD20.43 CAD19.41
  3. - 5% Control Nature Condoms x24
    CAD26.63 CAD25.30
  4. - 5% Durex Intima Protect Lubricant Gel 50ml
    CAD19.05 CAD18.11
  5. - 20% Control Finissimo Original Condoms x12
    CAD15.54 CAD12.43
  6. - 5% Saforelle Soothing Cream 40ml
    CAD23.17 CAD22.00
Set Descending Direction

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