Neostrata is a world leader in cosmetics formulated with AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids), a group of organic acids that acts effectively, renewing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin of the face and body.

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  1. - 21% NeoStrata 15 AHA Face Cream Plus 40ml
    CAD70.23 CAD55.40
  2. - 22% NeoStrata 4 PHA Eye Cream 15ml
    CAD71.55 CAD55.46
  3. - 19% NeoStrata Biónica Creme 50ml
    CAD64.60 CAD52.23
  4. - 15% NeoStrata Refine SaliZinc Gel 50ml
    CAD35.06 CAD29.80
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