Sexual Wellness

Healthy sex is essential in the life of an adult. Here you can find are all kinds of products to have a fun sex life, without compromising safety. Search here the perfect way to spice up your relation, with the best products from brands such as Durex and Control. 

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  1. - 16% Control Nature Condoms x24
    CAD18.73 CAD15.68
  2. - 17% Control Toys Remote Wireless Vibrator
    CAD37.91 CAD31.37
  3. - 18% Control Toys Tri-On Vibrator
    CAD38.06 CAD31.07
  4. - 22% Durex Intense Orgasmic. Gel 10ml
    CAD18.76 CAD14.72
  5. - 25% Durex Natural Plus. Condoms 12 + 12un.
    CAD15.11 CAD11.34
  6. - 15% Durex Naturals Intimate. Gel 100ml
    CAD26.31 CAD22.24
  7. - 26% Durex Play Gel Strawberry. Lubricant 50ml
    CAD14.88 CAD11.03
  8. - 24% Durex Play Original Lubricating Gel 50ml
    CAD14.33 CAD10.83
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