Valmont is a renowned Swiss brand which offers high-performance anti-aging treatments. It offers hair, face and body solutions, design to promote health and beauty. Valmont's premium ingredients provide a younger and brighter complexion. 

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 12% Free Shipping Valmont Hydra3 Regenetic. Serum 30ml
    CAD226.97 CAD199.74
  2. - 25% Valmont Lip Repair. 15ml Cream
    CAD197.57 CAD148.71
  3. - 23% Valmont Moisturizing Booster. Gel 20ml
    CAD208.02 CAD159.54
  4. - 22% Free Shipping Valmont Moisturizing Serumulsion. Emulsion Serum 30ml
    CAD238.25 CAD185.04
  5. - 20% Valmont Moisturizing With A Mask 50ml
    CAD214.73 CAD171.78
  6. - 26% Free Shipping Valmont Prime B-Cellular. Serum 30ml
    CAD270.52 CAD199.96
  7. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont Prime Regenera I 50ml
    CAD280.57 CAD224.46
  8. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont Prime Regenera II 50ml
    CAD307.28 CAD245.83
  9. - 20% Free Shipping Valmont Prime Renewing Pack 50ml
    CAD266.82 CAD213.46
  10. - 20% Valmont Regenerating Mask Treatment Single
    CAD149.38 CAD119.50
Set Descending Direction