Practice safe sex with our vast selection of condoms, with different textures, colours and flavours. Find the ones you prefer from brands such as Control and Durex.

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  1. - 5% Durex Perfect Connection Condoms x10
    CHF17.29 CHF16.43
  2. - 5% Control Nature Condoms x24
    CHF22.55 CHF21.43
  3. - 20% Control Finissimo Original Condoms x12
    CHF13.15 CHF10.52
  4. - 5% Durex Sensitivo XL Condoms x10
    CHF18.82 CHF17.88
  5. - 5% Durex Sensitivo Slim Fit Condoms x10
    CHF18.82 CHF17.88
  6. - 5% Durex Love Sex Prolonged Pleasure x12
    CHF18.82 CHF17.88
  7. - 5% Durex Music Edition Fun Mix Condoms x10
    CHF15.06 CHF14.30
  8. - 5% Durex Préservatifs naturels Plus 24un.
    CHF19.54 CHF18.56
Set Descending Direction

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