The French brand Noreva is a reference in the dermatology market due to its innovative, pioneering and patented products. Noreva's goal is to offer each generation and skin type a new skin care reference. In the brand you can find these product lines: Exfoliac (for acne or oily skin care), Hexaphane (anti-hair loss shampoos and dietary supplements), Sebodiane (seborrheic dermatitis treatment), Iklen (anti-spot care), Sensidiane (for sensitive and/or irritated skin), among others.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 10% Hexaphane Duo Daily Shampoo
    CHF29.67 CHF26.70
  2. - 10% Hexaphane Duo Strengthening Shampoo
    CHF21.51 CHF19.36
  3. - 30% Noreva HZn-Cica Gel 30g
    CHF17.17 CHF12.02
  4. - 25% Noreva Exfoliac NC Gel 30ml
    CHF29.95 CHF22.46
  5. - 10% Lipoleum Emollient Cream 1Kg
    CHF52.08 CHF46.86
Set Descending Direction

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