Orofluido is the daily beauty ritual your hair needs. A unique and sophisticated texture with three essential oils (argan, cyperus and flaxseed) that provides a treat to the senses while caring for the hair. The products are divided into two ranges:

  • Orofluido Original - for all hair types
  • Orofluido Asia - to control frizz and elasticity, making the hair softer and smoother
Set Descending Direction
  1. - 12% Orofluido Adoucissant 200ml
    CHF10.10 CHF8.93
  2. - 25% Orofluido Original Élixir 50ml
    CHF15.83 CHF11.94
  3. - 20% Orofluido Original Élixir 100ml
    CHF21.11 CHF16.86
  4. - 25% Asia Elixir Orofluid 50ml
    CHF14.65 CHF11.06
  5. - 20% Orofluido Asia Masque 250ml
    CHF16.14 CHF12.92
Set Descending Direction

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