SVR is a French brand created by a couple of visionary pharmacists: Simone and Robert Véret. Their aim was to create "beautiful skin" and in order to achieve that SVR uses the highest dosage of active ingredients possible without causing skin intolerance. SVRs emblem, which is a snake encircling a rose, symbolizes the perfect union between health and beauty. SVR has many different ranges to be able to provide the skin exactly what it needs (Sebiaclear, Hydraliane, Topialyse and many others). Explore here the best skin care products from SVR.

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  1. - 25% SVR Cicavit DM+ Anti-Scar Silicone Gel 15g
    CHF36.97 CHF27.74
  2. - 25% SVR Sun Secure Spray SPF30 200ml
    CHF26.45 CHF19.83
  3. - 25% SVR Sebiaclear Cleansing Gel 200ml
    CHF25.24 CHF18.93
  4. - 25% SVR Sun Secure SPF50+ Oil 200ml
    CHF22.09 CHF16.57
  5. - 25% SVR Palpebral Micellar Eye Gel 125ml
    CHF16.42 CHF12.31
Set Descending Direction

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