Jowaé Sakura Blossom Water

Jowaé Sakura Blossom Water is the facial care range that focuses on normal to combination skin care. It provides a moisturizing water, light cream and color cream for a skin without imperfections.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 16% Jowaé Clean and Natural Moisturizing Set
    CN¥176.54 CN¥147.99
  2. - 23% Jowaé Moisturizing Rich Cream 40ml
    CN¥96.03 CN¥73.79
  3. - 40% Jowaé Replumping Moisturizing Mask 50ml
    CN¥119.02 CN¥71.38
  4. - 20% Jowaé Moisturizing Light Cream 40ml
    CN¥80.23 CN¥64.16
Set Descending Direction

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