Filorga was created in 1978 by a French doctor named Michel Tordjman. His research in skin aging led him to produce a revitalizing antiaging injectable solution called NCFT. NCFT later gave way to NCEF, an encapsulated compound used in Filorga´s cosmetic range that allows profound skin penetration. Nowadays, Filorga is a world-renowned brand that keeps to innovate and provides excellent results, amazing sensorial textures, and premium beautiful package. 

Set Descending Direction
  1. NEW - 30% Filorga Age-Purify Double Correction Fluid 50ml
    DKK540.77 DKK378.58
  2. NEW - 30% Filorga Age-Purify Double Correction Mask 75ml
    DKK409.70 DKK286.84
  3. - 35% Filorga Gift Set Anti-Aging Revolution
    DKK725.11 DKK471.36
  4. - 20% Filorga Gift Set Global Anti-Aging Trio
    DKK454.20 DKK363.40
  5. - 30% Filorga Set Anti-Aging Best Sellers
    DKK117.08 DKK81.94
Set Descending Direction

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