Apivita is a cosmetic brand, rich in natural actives (85-100%), which provide care for the skin and hair and different needs: hydration, protection against external aggressions, anti-aging, among others. Perfect for all skin and hair types and for the whole family

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  1. - 20% Apivita Bio Eco Natural Dental Care 75ml
    USD$10.59 USD$8.47
  2. - 20% Apivita Pure Jasmine Shower Gel 500ml
    USD$19.86 USD$15.89
  3. - 20% Apivita Men's Tonic Shampoo 500ml
    USD$26.93 USD$21.54
  4. - 20% Apivita Queen Bee Anti Aging Serum 30ml
    USD$88.06 USD$70.45
Set Descending Direction

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