Apivita is a cosmetic brand, rich in natural actives (85-100%), which provide care for the skin and hair and different needs: hydration, protection against external aggressions, anti-aging, among others. Perfect for all skin and hair types and for the whole family

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  1. - 26% Apivita Face Water Greek Mountain 100ml
    USD$10.13 USD$7.53
  2. - 20% Apivita Oily Dandruff Shampoo 250ml
    USD$14.86 USD$11.89
  3. - 20% Apivita Oily Root Shampoo Dry Tips 250ml
    USD$15.14 USD$12.11
  4. - 20% Apivita Color Protecting Conditioner 150ml
    USD$15.40 USD$12.32
  5. - 31% Apivita Red Pomegranate Lip Stick 4.4gr
    USD$5.61 USD$3.89
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