Suplementos: Cápsulas e Comprimidos

Hair dietary supplements are vitamin supplements that contain the most important nutrients to strengthen hair and boost its growth, reversing hair loss. These treatments correct damaged, brittle hair and keep hair healthy, perfect and shiny, rejuvenating the scalp. From September 17 until October 31, 2018, enjoy an immediate 25% discount on selected anti-hair loss and fortifying products. 

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  1. - 17% LifeWell FerCare Forte Capsules x20
    USD$28.88 USD$24.07
  2. - 33% Klorane Keratin Hair & Nails 3x30 capsules
    USD$58.84 USD$39.62
  3. - 20% Klorane Keratin Hair & Nails 30 capsules
    USD$29.41 USD$23.53
  4. - 30% Hairlox Anti-Hair Loss Capsules x60
    USD$23.22 USD$16.26
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