For Clarins nothing is more beautiful than nature, which is why it associates environmental and social responsibility with the efficiency of its formulations. Clarins' products contain more than 250 vegetable ingredients, rigorously selected to reveal the beauty of each woman. They leave out synthetic products and grow each ingredient with the utmost respect for the environment. 

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  1. - 15% Clarins Sun Care Lotion Spray SPF50+ 150ml
    USD$39.45 USD$33.53
  2. - 15% Clarins Sun Care Oil Mist SPF30 150ml
    USD$39.31 USD$33.41
  3. - 15% Clarins Sun Care Cream SPF50+ 150ml
    USD$39.52 USD$33.59
  4. - 15% Clarins Sun Care Cream SPF30 150ml
    USD$40.49 USD$34.42
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