Depot # 404 Soothing Shaving Creamy Shaving Soap 100ml

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Depot # 404 Soothing Shaving is a soothing creamy shaving soap. For shaving brush.
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Depot # 404 Soothing Shaving helps moisturize, smooth and prepare skin for a close, perfect shave.

  • Coconut oil and sweet almonds, eucalyptol, mint, glycerine and allantoin for a nourishing, soothing, invigorating, refreshing and protective action
  • Gently moisturizes, refreshes & tones skin
  • Makes shaving easier
  • Allows the blade to slide more easily
  • Provides a pleasant feeling of freshness
  • Reduces and prevents skin irritation
  • Creates a rich foam for a more accurate shave

Wet the brush with warm water and remove excess water. Apply Depot # 404 Soothing Shaving to both sides of the face with the help of the brush in circular motions. Proceed to shave. You can also prepare the product in a bowl by stirring with the brush, and then apply to the face by shaving.

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