Ducray was created in 1930, in France, by a man named Albert Ducray. He intended to create his own range of shampoos, which were the first ones to provide a solution for dermatological indications! With the help of Mr. Pierre Fabre, the brand grew and expanded to what we know nowadays. Today Ducray is able to provide a wide range of solutions for dermatological conditions of the skin, hair, and scalp. Explore here the best products which Ducray was to offer.

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  1. NEW - 10% Ducray Ictyane Anti-Dryness Body Cream 200ml
    USD$24.78 USD$22.31
  2. - 20% Ducray Densiage Redensifying Shampoo 200ml
    USD$22.73 USD$18.19
  3. - 30% Ducray Densiage Redensifying Serum 30ml
    USD$38.30 USD$26.81
  4. - 20% Ducray Keracnyl Purifying Lotion 200ml
    USD$14.29 USD$11.43
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