Rosacea causes redness on the face and can produce slight elevations in the skin, similar to acne but with completely different treatments and motifs. Because it is an inflammatory state, you may feel the pink skin initially and the sensation develop to itching, stinging, warmth and tightening skin. Rosacea creams of specific lines have soothing and moisturizing action - usually with ceramides and niacinamides. They should avoid alcohol, menthol derivatives, eucalyptus, camphor, fragrances, soaps, among others potentially aggressive. To treat / control rosacea having a daily routine is critical. From cleansing, specific moisturizing care, weekly masks and dietary supplements to match your skin condition.
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  1. NEW - 10% DC Moisturizing Cream Reactive Skin/Rosacea 50ml
    USD$61.51 USD$55.36
  2. - 10% SUGU Cucumber Sheet Mask 20ml
    USD$4.54 USD$4.08
  3. - 30% Uriage Roséliane Anti-Redness Cream 40ml
    USD$27.45 USD$19.22
  4. - 20% Bioderma Sensibio AR Creme 40ml
    USD$24.55 USD$19.64
  5. - 25% Lierac Rosilogie. Neutralizing Cream 40ml
    USD$29.35 USD$22.02
  6. - 25% /
    USD$14.91 USD$11.18
  7. - 20% /
    USD$23.27 USD$18.62
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