Greasy hair

Shampoos for oily hair, which remove dirt from the hair and control the oily scalp. There are shampoos for oily hair that are intended for daily use, unlike others, which should be used only 2/3 times a week as a treatment. To help treat oily hair, dry shampoos are a great alternative to washing in space. If after several hours of washing your hair you notice that the root is already oily, try a dry shampoo! It can be used anywhere and anytime because you do not need water!
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  1. - 25% Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 200ml
    USD$20.42 USD$15.32
  2. - 40% Lazartigue Rebalancing Shampoo 250ml
    USD$29.43 USD$17.66
  3. - 20% Ducray Extra Doux Duo Shampoo 2x400ml
    USD$19.03 USD$15.23
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