Lierac Body Slim Intensive Anti-Cellulite Pack

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Lierac Slim Body Intensive Anti-Cellulite Pack is a pack that contains 2 body care products: 1 Cryoactive Concentrated Cream (150ml) and 1 Anti-Cellulite Cream (200ml).

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Lierac Body Slim Intensive Anti-Cellulite Pack provides a global slimming, anti-cellulite and intensive toning care.

  • Lierac Body Slim Cryoactive Concentrate is a slimming action cryoactive treatment that helps to combat embedded cellulite. With active caffeine complex, WTB system and pro-irisin for an active and intensive slimming action.
  • Inspired by the cryolipolysis technique, with a definitive non-evasive slimming action, reproduces the effects of the cold on adipocytes without damage. Reduces the volume of white adipose tissue and its storage. Draining action, stimulates the burning of fats and elimination of cellulite. Moisturizers, smooths and softens. Provides a floral fragrance (iris, rose and jasmine) to the skin. Visible results in just 7 days. Ideal for embedded cellulite, difficult to treat. Skin looks smoother, firmer and toned.
  • Lierac Body Slim Global Slimming Concentrate is an intensive cream that helps to reduce and combat cellulite. With peptides, active caffeine and WTB System® (sacred lotus, white willow and biotechnology peptide) for an anti-cellulite, stimulant, fat burning and slimming action.
  • Smooths and combats excess cellulite. Moisturizers, reaffirms and tones the skin. Stimulates the elimination of fat. Refines and reshapes the body. With instant "enveloping" effect, gives an intense and long-lasting feeling of freshness. Skin looks visibly smoother and firmer.
  • Includes 1 concentrated cream (150ml) and 1 global cream (200ml).
  • Limited to existing stock.

Apply Lierac Slim Body Cryoactive Concentrate daily, morning and evening, to the affected body areas, with a vigorous massage.

Apply Lierac Body Slim Global Slimming Concentrate daily to the affected body areas with a gentle massage.

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