Nuxe Sun SPF50 Pack Melting Spray + Melting Cream

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Nuxe Sun SPF50 Pack is a pack that contains 1 Sun Spray (150ml) and offer of 1 Face Cream (50ml) for all skin types.

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Nuxe Sun SPF50 Pack provides essential sun care to face and body.

  • Nuxe Sun Melting Spray High Protection SPF50 is a sun spray with high protection that helps to moisturize, protect and prevent premature skin photoaging. With UVA and UVB filters, antioxidants (rice and rosemary extracts), water hyacinth extract and Kau Pe flower for a nourishing, protective, anti-aging, anti-dark spots, antioxidant and soothing action.
  • Quickly absorbed, moisturizes gently. High sun protection against UV rays (SPF50). Prevents the appearance of dark-spots and premature skin aging. Resistant to water, moisture and perspiration. Prolongs the natural tan. Ideal for all skin types. High tolerance, photostable, no alcohol. Skin is soft, perfectly protected and with a sublime tan.
  • Nuxe Sun Melting Cream SPF50 is a face cream with high sun protection that helps to moisturize and protect the skin from sun rays, cellular aging and appearance of dark-spots. With high UVA and UVB filters and rosemary extract for a moisturizing, protective, anti-dark spots and anti-aging action.
  • Moisturizes intensely, without oily sensation. High UV protection (SPF50). Prevents against premature aging signs and dark-spots. Water resistant and photostable. It does not leave white marks, does not block the pores. Ideal for all skin types. High tolerance, no alcohol, no parabens. Skin is perfectly protected, soft and lightly scented.
  • Includes 1 solar spray (150ml) and 1 solar cream (50ml).
  • Limited to existing stock.

Apply Nuxe Sun Melting Spray High Protection SPF50 to your face and body, 30 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours or after swimming. Do not spray directly onto the face.

Apply Nuxe Sun Melting Cream SPF50 to your face before sun exposure, avoiding the eye contour area. Reapply every 2 hours or after swimming. 

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