Orofluidois the daily beauty ritual your hair needs. A unique and sophisticated texture with three essential oils (argan, cyperus and flaxseed) that surrounds the five senses. The products are divided into two ranges:

  • Orofluido Original - for all hair types.
  • Orofluido Asia - to control frizz and elasticity, giving hair smoothness
Set Descending Direction
  1. - 13% Orofluido Conditioner 1000ml
    USD$23.84 USD$20.73
  2. - 12% /
    USD$12.77 USD$11.24
  3. - 15% /
    USD$17.04 USD$14.48
  4. - 13% Orofluido Asia Elixir 25ml
    USD$8.44 USD$7.34
Set Descending Direction

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