Phyto Novathrix Energizing Hair Mass Lotion 150ml

Phyto Novathrix Lotion is a fortifying and energizing anti-hair loss spray for all types of hair, prone to hair loss.

Phyto Novathrix Lotion  helps to revitalize, strengthen and improve capillary density.

  • Guarana, red seaweed extract and horsetail, for an anti-fall, stimulating, fortifying, protective, antioxidant and volumizing action
  • Increases capillary density
  • Attenuates hair loss
  • Improves, strengthens and restores hair density
  • Gives intense volume
  • Perfect fall arrest
  • Ideal for all types of fine hair, without volume, prone to chronic or acute hair loss
  • Smooth formula with natural ingredients
  • Hair looks stronger, voluminous and beautiful

Apply Phyto Novathrix Lotion to wet hair, with a gentle massage until emulsified. Rinse thoroughly. Reapply and leave on for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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