Phyto RE30 Duo Anti-Grey Hair Treatment Spray 2x50ml

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Phyto RE30 is the 1st hair care spray that stimulates and repigments at the rooteliminating grey hair.

With 98% natural active ingredients, Phyto RE30 boosts the hair pigmentation, and brings back color to your hair without using coloring pigments

The hair is visibly stronger and more flexible. No coloring pigments and oil-free after application.

Promotional pack with 2 spray packages (2x50ml).

- 15%

Phyto RE30 Spray helps to boost hair pigment at the root, eliminating grey hair.

  • Exclusive peptide RE30 complex (amino acids), purple tulip extract and KAP's, for an anti-grey hair, stimulating, protective, fortifying and softening action
  • Stimulates natural pigment production
  • Prevents melanin degradation
  • Strengthens and increases hair resistance
  • Restructures and improves the hair
  • Ideal for grey hair
  • Leaves no oily sensation
  • Light mist, easy to use
  • Hair stays stronger, softer, flexible and with 30% fewer grey hair
  • This product does not contain coloring pigments
  • Paraben free, sulfate free, silicone free and talc free
  • Includes 2 spray packages (2x50ml)
  • Limited to existing stock

Apply 8 sprays of Phyto RE30, once a day, on dry or wet scalp. Do not rinse.

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