RoC features a revamped range - creams with antiaging, moisturizing, cleansing and sun protection for all skin types. RoC products have been renewed and are now available under new names:

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  1. - 15% RoC Pro-Preserve Nourishing Cream 50ml
    USD$40.61 USD$34.52
  2. - 15% RoC Pro-Define Anti-sagging Fluid 40ml
    USD$48.42 USD$41.16
  3. - 13% RoC Pro-Define Anti-sag Cream 50ml
    USD$52.43 USD$45.62
  4. - 14% RoC Pro-Define Anti-sag Concentrate 50ml
    USD$53.76 USD$46.24
  5. - 11% RoC Pro-Correct Anti-Wrinkle Fluid 40ml
    USD$48.74 USD$43.38
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