Moisturizing lip creams of various shapes and textures for moisturizing and soft shine throughout the day. Find balms and lipsticks from brands such as Vichy, Filorga, Avène, La Roche-Posay, Carmex and many others.
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  1. - 20% Ducray Keracnyl Repair Lip Balm 15ml
    USD$11.12 USD$8.89
  2. - 33% Avène Sun Lip Balm Stick SPF30 3gr
    USD$13.10 USD$8.80
  3. - 16% Letibalm Repair Peribucal Cream 30ml
    USD$14.19 USD$11.99
  4. - 28% Letibalm Repair Nose and Lip Balm 10ml
    USD$6.46 USD$4.67
  5. - 21% D'AVEIA Mandelic Lip Stick 5gr
    USD$16.52 USD$13.02
  6. - 30% NYX This Is Everything Lip Loving Balm 12gr
    USD$7.49 USD$5.27
  7. - 25% Ducray Ictyane Repairing Lip Balm 15ml
    USD$10.27 USD$7.66
  8. - 45% Dr. Grandel Timeless Eye & Lip 15ml
    USD$62.22 USD$34.41
  9. - 30% Weleda Lip Balm Nude 10ml
    USD$9.81 USD$6.83
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