Neostrata is the world leader in cosmetics developed with AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids). AHAs provide benefits in terms of rejuvenating aged skin and also in the treatment of skin diseases. With responses adapted to the needs of all skin types, the brand has ranges such as: Neostrata Refine (makes the skin smoother and softer); Neostrata Resurface (improve skin's luminosity and texture); Neostrata Targeted (direct action on dark spots); and Neostrata Skin Active (anti-aging treatment).

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 14% Neostrata Skin Active Anti-Aging Pack
    HK$519.97 HK$448.87
  2. - 25% NeoStrata Refine SaliZinc Gel 50ml
    HK$190.41 HK$142.78
  3. - 15% NeoStrata Citriate Home Peeling System
    HK$304.42 HK$258.76
  4. - 3% NeoStrata 15 AHA Face Cream Plus 40ml
    HK$354.21 HK$342.13
Set Descending Direction

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