Valmont is a renowned Swiss brand that offers high-performance anti-aging treatments. Their expertise also extends to hair, face and body solutions, with products designed to promote health and beauty. Valmont's premium ingredients, such as Swiss Glacier water, provide a younger and brighter complexion

Set Descending Direction
  1. Free Shipping Valmont Icy Falls Cleansing Gel 200ml
  2. - 25% Free Shipping Valmont Moisturizing With A Cream 50ml
    HK$1,362.92 HK$1,027.96
  3. Free Shipping Valmont Prime Regenera II 50ml
  4. Free Shipping Valmont Prime Regenera I 50ml
  5. - 26% Free Shipping Valmont Prime B-Cellular. Serum 30ml
    HK$1,670.77 HK$1,234.96
  6. - 22% Free Shipping Valmont Moisturizing Serumulsion 30ml
    HK$1,471.43 HK$1,142.85
  7. - 17% Free Shipping Valmont Moisturizing With A Mask 50ml
    HK$1,326.19 HK$1,099.35
  8. - 14% Free Shipping Valmont Purifying Pack Mask 50ml
    HK$1,220.23 HK$1,052.02
  9. - 21% Free Shipping Valmont 24 Hour Cellular Conditioning Base Cream 50ml
    HK$1,662.82 HK$1,307.43
Set Descending Direction

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