Avène presents a complete line of daily and specific care that can suit you in several categories. Discover here all the products for anti-agingskin carebody caresunscreenmake-up, and Men. All products from Avène contain thermal water with soothing and anti-irritating properties, and are suitable for the whole family, including infants and children. You can choose between ranges like Avène Physiolift, Avène HydranceAvéne Cleanance, Avéne Cicalfate or Trixera and many more.

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  1. NEW - 10% Avène Intolerant Skin Gift Set
    Rp332,341.13 Rp299,195.64
  2. NEW - 10% Avène DermAbsolu Gift Set
    Rp642,171.68 Rp578,007.68
  3. NEW - 10% Avène A-Oxitive Gift Set
    Rp530,505.06 Rp477,507.73
  4. NEW - 10% Avène Physiolift Gift Set
    Rp614,166.40 Rp552,838.38
  5. - 25% Avène Cleanance Mattifying Care 40ml
    Rp265,341.15 Rp199,050.18
  6. - 25% Avène Spray SPF50+ Sensitive Skin 200ml
    Rp341,026.31 Rp255,769.73
  7. - 25% Avène Lotion SPF50+ Sensitive Skin 100ml
    Rp288,028.98 Rp216,066.04
  8. - 25% Avène Sun Cream SPF50+ Dry and Sensitive Skin 50ml
    Rp269,949.62 Rp202,417.90
  9. - 25% Avène Cleanance Women Smoothing Night Cream 30ml
    Rp330,923.14 Rp248,148.04
  10. - 25% Avène Antirougeurs Unify Unifying Care SPF30 40ml
    Rp338,013.08 Rp253,465.50
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