Carmex is a specialized lipbalm brand created in the United States in 1930. It is one of the most beloved in the United States, Europe and Brazil when it comes to lip protection!

Its products are indicated to promote comfort, hydration and repair for dry or cracked lips.

Carmex formulations include natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and lanolin, which help maintain the lips smooth and hydrated. Camphor and menthol promote a refreshing sensation and reduce the irritation of dry, cracked lips.

Carmex lipbalms can be used whenever necessary, including before applying colored lipsticks!

Get to know the entire Carmex range available at Cosmetis and buy your new favorite lipbalm for any season:

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  1. - 25% Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm SPF15 4.25gr
    Rp80,924.62 Rp60,619.02
  2. - 25% Carmex Stick. Lime Twist Lip Balm SPF15 4.25gr.
    Rp82,599.62 Rp62,037.01
  3. - 25% Carmex Stick Original FPS15 4.25gr
    Rp89,859.72 Rp67,708.97
  4. - 20% Carmex Tube Cream 10gr
    Rp86,724.20 Rp69,304.20
  5. - 23% Carmex Original Jar 7.5gr
    Rp84,301.21 Rp64,695.74
  6. - 25% Carmex Cherry Jar FPS15 7.5gr
    Rp84,033.56 Rp62,923.25
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