Collistar offers you a full range of anti-aging care for the face and body. Collistar's anti-cellulite care has guaranteed effectiveness and has become a household name. The brand also offers effective sunscreens and self-tanning products.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 16% Collistar Anti-Age Lifting Body Cream 400ml
    Rp746,571.10 Rp626,928.30
  2. - 13% Collistar Anti-Aging Toning Lotion 200ml
    Rp339,962.81 Rp296,536.91
  3. - 20% Collistar Anti-Lifting Body Cream 400ml
    Rp824,046.47 Rp659,187.54
  4. - 20% Collistar Biorevitalizing Face Cream 15ml
    Rp894,325.54 Rp715,375.35
  5. - 25% Collistar Firming Shower Oil 400ml
    Rp578,362.18 Rp433,727.32
  6. - 19% Collistar Hyper Sensitive Eye Contour Cream 15ml
    Rp654,579.08 Rp529,264.32
  7. - 18% Collistar Intensive Firming Cream 400ml
    Rp1,008,899.03 Rp828,105.46
Set Descending Direction