Dr. Scholl

Dr. Scholl has developed a range of technologies to meet the needs of different types of feet and different lifestyles. From footwear and insoles to foot creams, Dr. Scholl products help you move with more comfort and confidence.

In constant innovation and looking for new ways to care for the feet, the brand also includes in its portfolio anti-fungal pens, electric files for removing corns, kit for athlete's foot and compression stockings.

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  1. - 35% Dr Scholl Fresh Step Powder 2-in-1 75gr
    Rp181,325.32 Rp117,870.32
  2. - 20% Dr Scholl GelActiv Flat Shoes Insoles 2un.
    Rp210,819.48 Rp168,664.45
  3. - 20% Dr Scholl GelActiv Open Shoes Insoles 2un.
    Rp263,391.42 Rp209,685.09
  4. - 20% Dr Scholl GelActiv Medium Heels Insoles 2un.
    Rp240,703.60 Rp192,491.98
  5. - 20% Dr Scholl GelActiv High Heels Insoles 2un.
    Rp210,819.48 Rp168,740.67
  6. - 20% Dr. Scholl Calluses Cream 60ml
    Rp157,928.50 Rp126,378.25
Set Descending Direction