Drenafast has products aimed at fluid retention, cellulite, fat burning and weight reduction, which made the brand gain notoriety in the market. In addition, the flavors are pleasant and with 100% natural ingredients, formulated without chemicals or additives.

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  1. - 19% Drenafast Detox Solution 500ml
    Rp326,491.92 Rp262,859.67
  2. - 10% Drenafast Intense Solution 500ml
    Rp348,825.24 Rp313,907.27
  3. - 20% Drenafast Manga Tropical. Concentrado 500ml
    Rp352,068.89 Rp281,648.03
  4. - 20% Drenafast Solution Sport. Concentrated 500ml
    Rp336,453.29 Rp269,152.00
Set Descending Direction