Easyslim is a weight loss program for a balanced diet associated with dietary supplements to ensure the nutritional needs and improve effectiveness. In addition to products such as drains, fat burners or anti-cellulite supplements, Easyslim also offers light products to associate with your diet.

Easyslim is the structured, safe and personalized solution for those who want to lose weight in a healthy, fast and effective way. 

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  1. - 20% Easy Slim Lipo 3. Pills 60unit.
    Rp417,774.95 Rp335,531.60
  2. - 20% Easyslim Bars. Chocolate and Peanut Flavor 4x42gr
    Rp267,999.88 Rp213,230.07
  3. - 19% Easyslim Bars. Double Chocolate Flavor 4x42gr
    Rp265,872.90 Rp215,002.55
  4. - 24% Easyslim Blocker SOS. Capsules 60units.
    Rp511,362.21 Rp387,110.94
  5. - 18% Easyslim Cereals. Muesli Sachets 7x30gr
    Rp267,113.64 Rp218,015.78
  6. - 20% Easyslim Crocantes. Sabor Chocolate 2x35gr
    Rp103,238.45 Rp82,590.76
  7. - 14% Easyslim Depurmax Tropical Fruits 500ml
    Rp419,192.94 Rp362,118.89
  8. - 20% Easyslim Drink. 3x Hot Chocolate Flavor 26,5gr
    Rp138,688.17 Rp110,957.62
  9. - 23% Easyslim Drink. Capuccino Flavor 3x26gr
    Rp164,486.70 Rp127,441.74
  10. - 21% EasySlim Duo Rapid. Ampolas 15x10ml
    Rp454,819.91 Rp361,409.90
  11. - 15% Easyslim Gaufrettes. Chocolate Flavor 3x42gr
    Rp239,285.61 Rp202,772.40
  12. - 37% Easyslim Gelatin. Apple Sachets 2x15gr
    Rp37,222.21 Rp23,396.82
  13. - 37% Easyslim Gelatin. Red Fruits Sachets 2x15gr
    Rp37,222.21 Rp23,396.82
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