Juvena is a brand aimed at women concerned with preserving their youth and treating the signs of aging. Directly from Sweden and with a formula based on stem cells, the results are a fresh and renewed skin, whatever your age.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 24% /
    Rp1,509,449.08 Rp1,152,647.65
  2. Free Shipping Juvena MasterCare. Global Anti-Aging Cream 75ml
  3. - 16% Juvena Pure Cleansing. Refining Exfoliator 100ml
    Rp472,722.02 Rp398,454.85
  4. - 20% Juvena Pure Cleansing. Whitening Toning Lotion 200ml
    Rp364,121.80 Rp291,308.07
  5. - 14% Juvena Pure Cleansing. Soothing Toning Lotion 200ml
    Rp389,415.17 Rp333,227.37
  6. - 17% Juvena Skin Rejuvenate. Eye Nutrition Cream 15ml
    Rp862,137.19 Rp715,198.10
  7. - 20% Juvena Skin Rejuvenate Delining Night Cream
    Rp1,099,295.82 Rp879,330.30
  8. - 20% Juvena Skin Rejuvenate. Firming Eye Gel 15ml
    Rp922,047.22 Rp739,126.66
  9. - 20% Juvena Skin Rejuvenate. Firming Night Cream 50ml
    Rp1,070,014.35 Rp856,004.39
Set Descending Direction

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