In this category you can find everything you need to get flawless skin. Prepare the image that you want to achieve using the best foundation, powder, blush, masking agents and markers. Check out our wide range of products from brands such as Clinique, Vichy and La Roche Posay.
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  1. - 20% Apivita 3-in-1 Cleansing Milk Face & Eyes 200ml
    Rp212,166.57 Rp169,738.58
  2. - 20% Apivita Cleansing Foam Face & Eyes 200ml
    Rp225,814.72 Rp180,616.32
  3. - 25% Avène Cleanance Expert Tinted Emulsion 40ml
    Rp282,002.52 Rp211,457.58
  4. - 25% Avène Couvrance Beige Color Corrector Brush
    Rp239,604.66 Rp179,730.08
  5. - 30% Avène Couvrance Compact Cream Color Porcelain 9.5gr
    Rp400,191.89 Rp280,052.79
  6. - 25% Avène Couvrance Compact Cream Color Sand 9.5gr
    Rp328,707.53 Rp246,552.80
  7. - 25% Avène Couvrance Compact Oil Free Sand Color 9.5gr
    Rp310,397.75 Rp232,727.41
  8. - 25% Avène Couvrance Compact Oil Free Tan Tan 9.5gr
    Rp412,457.49 Rp309,298.81
  9. - 35% Avène Couvrance Coral Corrector Stick 4.2g
    Rp290,687.70 Rp188,947.01
  10. - 25% Avène Couvrance Corrector Stick Color Yellow 4.2g
    Rp214,860.75 Rp161,118.98
  11. - 25% Avène Couvrance Cream Color Honey 9.5gr
    Rp324,825.78 Rp243,539.58
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