Moroccanoil’s products are formulated with argan oil to moisturize and protect the hair, leaving it feeling soft, beautiful and healthy. Its new formula, unique to the market, is suitable for every type of hair, from dry to oily. Find out their products down below!

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  1. - 16% Moroccanoil Repair Repair Mask 250ml
    Rp878,266.81 Rp734,518.20
  2. - 20% Moroccanoil Scalp Treatment Dry No More 45ml
    Rp606,048.41 Rp484,774.92
  3. - 20% Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner 1000ml
    Rp1,251,924.59 Rp1,001,543.21
  4. - 10% Moroccanoil Soothing Conditioner 250ml
    Rp435,641.61 Rp392,073.90
  5. - 10% Moroccanoil Soothing Shampoo 1000ml
    Rp870,999.62 Rp783,970.56
  6. - 10% Moroccanoil Soothing Shampoo 250ml
    Rp460,846.36 Rp414,761.72
  7. - 20% Moroccanoil Style Modeling Cream 100ml
    Rp399,163.85 Rp319,401.98
  8. - 22% Moroccanoil Treatment 100ml
    Rp1,033,359.34 Rp810,203.35
  9. - 20% Moroccanoil Treatment 25ml
    Rp314,084.52 Rp249,920.53
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