Bad Breath

Having a bad breath, also known as Halitosis, can be a real nightmare. Here we have available a diverse selection of products (gums, mouthwashes, etc.) which will help you solve this problem. Find here the best solutions to keep a long-lasting fresh breath from brands such as Curaprox, Elgydium and Isdin Bexident. 

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  1. - 40% Apivita Natural Dental Care Mouthwash 250ml
    Rp172,640.14 Rp103,513.18
  2. - 20% Curaprox White is Black Tablets 12 pcs.
    Rp80,001.16 Rp63,986.74
  3. - 12% Isdin Bexident Fresh Breath. Elixir Mouthwash 500ml
    Rp305,044.84 Rp268,177.13
  4. - 10% Vitis Orthodontic Elixir 500ml
    Rp201,708.91 Rp181,502.57
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