Perfumes Infantis

Chose your favorite eau de toilette e eau de soin for your baby. In Cosmetis we have the best brands with the most delicate fragrances  Mustela, Uriage and Klorane. Where you can find Mustela Musti and Uriage 1ère Senteur

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 35% Klorane Petit Brin Scented Water for Baby 50ml
    Rp374,171.79 Rp243,185.08
  2. - 40% Uriage Baby 1st Scented Water 50ml
    Rp380,729.99 Rp228,650.69
  3. - 40% Klorane Baby Scented Water Coffret
    Rp354,319.95 Rp212,521.07
Set Descending Direction

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