RoC presents a renewed range with the same high performance as always. From creams with anti-aging action, hydration, cleansing and sun protection for all types of skins, RoC remains with one of the most sought after brands.

Set Descending Direction
  1. - 35% RoC Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover 125ml
    Rp259,491.95 Rp168,740.67
  2. - 20% RoC Extra Comfort Micellar Cleaning Solution 400ml
    Rp338,934.77 Rp271,190.36
  3. - 20% Roc Keops Deodorant. Roll-On Intense Sweating 2x30ml
    Rp311,886.64 Rp249,566.03
  4. - 20% Roc Keops Deodorant. Smooth Sweating Stick 2x40ml
    Rp311,886.64 Rp249,566.03
  5. - 20% Roc Keops Deodorant. Smooth Sweating Stick 40ml
    Rp230,600.43 Rp184,515.79
  6. - 20% RoC Pro-Preserve Nourishing Cream 50ml
    Rp650,147.86 Rp520,047.39
Set Descending Direction