Rosacea causes redness on the face and can cause slight increases in the skin, similar to acne, but with completely different procedures and motives. Since this is an inflammatory condition, you can initially feel pink skin and develop a sensation of itching, tingling, warmth and tightening of the skin. Creams from rosacea of ​​certain lines have a calming and moisturizing effect - usually with ceramides and niacinamides. They should avoid drinking alcohol, menthol derivatives, eucalyptus, camphor, flavorings, soaps, and other potentially aggressive substances. For treatment / control of rosacea, having a daily routine is critical. From cleansing, special moisturizing care, weekly masks and nutritional supplements in accordance with the condition of your skin.
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  1. - 25% Bioderma Sensibio AR Kit Emulsion + Photoderm AR
    Rp631,005.02 Rp473,253.76
  2. - 30% Avène Antirougeurs Unify Unifying Care SPF30 40ml
    Rp338,013.08 Rp236,626.88
  3. - 10% Apaisac Cleansing Make-up Remover 200ml
    Rp248,325.29 Rp222,978.74
  4. - 41% Dr. Grandel SOS x3 Ampoules
    Rp336,949.59 Rp199,404.68
  5. - 15% DC Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Emulsion Reactive Skin/Rosacea 50ml
    Rp1,064,909.59 Rp901,840.88
  6. - 20% DC Moisturizing Cream Reactive Skin/Rosacea 50ml
    Rp642,100.78 Rp513,666.44
  7. - 35% Sensilis B-Respect Soothing Night Cream 50ml
    Rp595,555.30 Rp387,110.94
  8. - 35% Sensilis B-Respect Soothing Day Fluid SPF15 50ml
    Rp595,555.30 Rp385,870.20
  9. - 20% Cetaphil Pro Redness Control Foam Wash 236ml
    Rp305,541.14 Rp244,425.82
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