SVR is a French brand created by a couple of visionary pharmacists: Simone and Robert Véret. Their aim was to create "beautiful skin" and in order to achieve that SVR uses the highest dosage of active ingredients possible without causing skin intolerance. SVRs emblem, which is a snake encircling a rose, symbolizes the perfect union between health and beauty. SVR has many different ranges to be able to provide the skin exactly what it needs (Sebiaclear, Hydraliane, Topialyse and many others). Explore here the best skin care products from SVR.

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  1. - 25% Sebiaclear Active SVR 40ml
    Rp206,742.77 Rp155,092.53
  2. - 40% Sun Secure Fluid SVF SPF50 + Dry Touch Solar Fluid 50ml
    Rp404,658.55 Rp242,830.58
  3. - 30% SVR [A] Microgommage Lift Exfoliating Mask 50ml
    Rp375,589.78 Rp262,859.67
  4. - 25% SVR A Ampoule Lift Smoothing Concentrate 30ml
    Rp521,164.06 Rp390,833.16
  5. - 25% SVR B3 Ampoule Hydra Repairing Concentrate 30ml
    Rp451,204.04 Rp338,367.58
  6. - 25% SVR B3 Hydra Essence Repairing Solution 150ml
    Rp266,369.20 Rp199,759.17
  7. - 41% SVR B3 Hydra Intensive Mask 12gr
    Rp100,751.65 Rp59,910.03
  8. - 40% SVR C Ampoule Anti-Ox Radiance Concentrate 30ml
    Rp786,097.54 Rp471,658.52
  9. NEW - 30% SVR C20Biotic Regenerating Radiance Cream 50ml
    Rp753,838.30 Rp527,669.08
  10. NEW - 30% SVR Cerabiotic Regenerating Filling Balm 50ml
    Rp704,563.19 Rp493,282.85
  11. - 35% SVR Cicavit + Soothing Cream 40ml
    Rp114,756.06 Rp74,621.66
  12. - 40% SVR Cicavit+ Soothing Fast-Repair Anti-Mark Cream 100ml
    Rp316,034.25 Rp189,656.00
  13. - 30% SVR Clairial 10 Depigmenting Cream 40ml
    Rp569,499.75 Rp398,632.10
  14. - 35% SVR Clairial Cream SPF50 + 50ml
    Rp673,544.68 Rp437,804.04
  15. - 40% SVR Densitium Anti-Aging Eye Contour Cream 15ml
    Rp687,901.82 Rp412,811.99
  16. - 25% SVR Densitium Firming Anti-Aging Cream 50ml
    Rp599,578.84 Rp449,679.70
  17. - 25% SVR Densitium Firming Anti-Aging Rich Cream 50ml
    Rp563,774.62 Rp422,915.16
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